• A variety of plastic containers specifically for use as food containers . They make ideal dessert cups or Ice cream cups and are also ideal for portion control . All food containers listed here are bps free ( Bisphenol A ) The items you see are the sizes we carry in stock . If you require a size or shape you don't see please ask us if we can get it for you . It usually only takes a couple of days for us to acquire the size you require .
    • Ice Cream Spoons
      Ice cream spoons which can be used with any of our portion pots or dessert cups . The spoons are manufactured from Polystyrene plastic and are available in a mixture of Neon colours We have also acquired a 'green' alternative in the form of a biodegradable option .
  • These plastic "eyedroppers" (called a pipette) are a mainstay of most science experiments. Can be used to dispense or measure small amounts of liquid / fluid We carry three sizes in stock however we can order case quantities of other sizes both sterile and non sterile should our stock items not meet your requirements. Delivery time for non- stock items is approximately 4-5 weeks
  • plastic labware and disposable labware

    ' In this section of our site you will find various lab products we have on offer. Although we are not experts in the field of laboratory products we like to think that the stock we offer is very competitively priced. We also have the vast knowledge of our suppliers to fall back on should you need any help or advice on this particular section of our site .
  • Just because you may not see it in here it doesn't mean we haven't got it. You can have any tray with the appropriate tray . The combinations are endless so if you see a tube you like but no tray or vice versa, JUST ASK we are here to help, its our job . There may be a very good reason why you don't see a particular try with a particular tube but if you don't ask you will never know. Email us at info@plastictesttubes.co.uk or phone us on 01270 666444 with your requirements and we will see what we can do for you .

Welcome to Plastic Test Tubes

This website is intended for trade customers so the more you buy the cheaper the products are, Look for the drop down menus on the product pages. For those of you who find websites a bit daunting, or just want a few items we also have a shop on Ebay And you can find us on Amazon.
Our intentions are simple, we wish to provide you with Great Service, Set high standards and give value for money.

If you want to arrange pick up of your order from us either in person or by courier you are more than welcome to do so, All we need is some notice to get your order ready. 
We are putting  together a guide to postage which enables you to check the price of any parcel to any destination based on the weight, The dimensions and your delivery destination. 

We have searched far and wide to make sure we only buy the best quality products available. Be it a Test tube without a stopper or dessert cup with lids and spoons. We also design and manufacture our own range of Shooter belts bandoleers and bottle holders,as well as belts to hold test tubes. 

For those of you who wanted a test tube for science or laboratory use, you have come to the correct place . All the tubes and plastic labware we supply is certified by Llyods to ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 standards. 
This means that the disposable plastic labware meets quality management standards as does the reuseable plastic labware, Certificates are available on request.