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How to fill test tube shots up quickly , to the same level and with no mess.


Shoulder strap holder for bottles, test tubes and plastic shot glasses
wedding favours -  test tube for shots or sweets
print your own waterproof vinyl lables in any size or colour
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 plastic cups,     food containers,     storage containers    tubes for m&ms   bpa free   
 Test tube with cork stopper     plastic shot glass    Vinyl self adhesive labels

Small plastic containers

 We have searched far and wide to make sure we only buy the best quality products available. Be it a Test tube without a stopper   or  dessert cup with lids and spoons
We also design and manufacture our own range of Shooter belts bandoleers and bottle holders, We also manufacture belts to hold test tubes

We are ideally placed logistically, virtually in the middle of the UK . Crewe, Cheshire, to be precise . 30 minutes from Warrington sorting office and an hour from Liverpool's John Lennon airport, from where your parcels are flown around the country and the world. We are also very fortunate in the fact  that the lovely staff from Royal mail and Parcelforce collect our parcels every week day so we don't have to move ! So we NEVER miss a posting because of traffic or the weather .
For those of you who wanted a test tube for science or laboratory use, you have come to the correct place . All the tubes and plastic labware we supply is certified by Llyods to ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 standards . 
This means that the disposable plastic labware meets quality management standards as does the reuseable plastic labware. Certificates are available on request .  
 Which leads me on to my own area of expertise . Using test tubes with tops and trays for anything and everything OTHER than their intended use . And I do mean anything and everything.
 From breeding spiders and ants , sand-art , storage and display of more products than you could think of . Including ,  Wedding favours , test tube shot drinks , Cigar tubes, Tubes for M&Ms , storing drill bits and screws, not forgetting storage for craft products than i care to mention and over the years we have become expert at finding our customers just what they need at a price they can afford .
 So why not let us try for you ?   

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