Bottle Holders/Belts

  • Shooter belts United Kingdom, Bandoleers and Bottle holders  

    Bar owners/ Managers, Tenants, Leasee's . if you havent  discovered the hidden 'GOLDMINE' that shot drinks can generate? Allow us to enlighten you.  The 'right ' person selling shots in your venue could increase you spirit sales by 50% ... easily. 

    Spirit distributers, promotional companies. Can you think of a better way to get your product noticed and test the market reaction to your new invention ? Who can resist a ' Freebie' served by an attractive member of the opposite sex ? ( male or female ? )

     Party goers, Fancy dressers. Imagine how popular you could be if YOU were the person giving away free shots at your party ?

    All our belts are designed and manufactured in the UK by ourselves. We can make a bespoke belt in a matter of hours which will hold any glass and fit any body size or shape . "All you have to do is ask !"

  • When it comes to Test tube shot drinks ' NO ONE' has more experience then US . Half of our staff either managed or worked in busy bars or nightclubs for years . If you listen to this advice you won't go far wrong . There are only a few Test tubes which will do the job properly for a number of reasons . The first being the size or volume . A shot drink in a bar or club is governed by the weights and measures act . The act states that certain products must be sold in certain minimum measures The minimum measure for a shot of Vodka, Gin , Rum or Whisky is 25 ml OR 35 ml and multiples thereof . You cannot mix the 2 measurements because you feel a bit more or less generous today . Its either 25 ml OR 35 ml . FULL STOP ! The tubes which are the nearest to the required 25 ml pub measurement are OUR 143 x 18 mm tube . And there is only place to find them . RIGHT HERE ! People buy with their eyes , Its a fact . So in your opinion which container holds the most liquid in our main picture ? The Glass OR The Tube ?