Plastic test tubes

We are a wholesale supplier of plastic test tubes based in Crewe in the United kingdom 

The price per tube will decrease the more you buy 
You will find a wide variety of test tubes made from various plastics . We have shortened the names of the various plastics because some of them take an age to type .
Below is a guide to the shortened names. Don't worry about the first name in the list , "I can't pronounce it either "
However click on the underlined title and all will be revealed  

'ABS' - 
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene     TPX - Polymethylpentene
 PS -   Polystyrene          
 PP -    
 PE -    Polyethylene

 PET OR PETE -  Polyethylene terephthalate 
Polyethylene (High Density)

May we also clear up a common confusing listing problem which has been mentioned on a number of occasions , IE what exactly does ' 50 x 150 x 16 mm ' mean ? .  I must admit its a very good question .The answer which springs to mind is " It means WE ARE LAZY " 
It also means you get
' 50 pieces, '  in this case 150 mm tall with a 16 mm outer diameter .
So the first number you see is ALWAYS the number of items ( " 
on our site at least ! "
The 2nd is the height or length and the last is the outer diameter at the rim !
If you only see 2 numbers IE
150 x 17mm this signifies the height or length in millimetres and the outer diameter at the rim or lip of the tube in millimetres.
" We hope this helps clear up any confusion : ) "      

 Our test tubes are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. Which ensures the quality management of disposable and reusable plastic products for clinical chemistry, haematology , microbiology , serology laboratories and analysis laboratories.
 Plastic test tube can also be used for 1000's of other uses, Test tube drinks, Sand art , craft storage, They make excellent display cases for 100's of foodstuffs and are widely used for wedding favours to name but a few of the other uses .
The things that test tubes can be used for is restricted only by your imagination . So put your thinking caps on .  
" For instance " " A lot of our tubes have a round base and therefore won't stand up on their own " 

"SO !"  ....
" Turn them upside down and virtually every tube we have will stand on its own and has a dome shaped top " ?? " It all depends how you look at them "
  • Due to numerous requests we have managed to find a supplier of corks which we can order for any size tube but there are conditions . 1/ There is a minimum order of 1000 Corks per size . 2/ Smaller corks are available from our suppliers stock and will take approximately 3 or four days . However the larger sizes of stopper would be made to order and can take up to four weeks We have however ordered a selection of Cork stoppers for our own stock and you will find those tubes listed below. We do add to the stock as and when so don't be shy of asking .
  • Just because you may not see it in here it doesn't mean we haven't got it. You can have any tray with the appropriate tray . The combinations are endless so if you see a tube you like but no tray or vice versa, JUST ASK we are here to help, its our job . There may be a very good reason why you don't see a particular try with a particular tube but if you don't ask you will never know. Email us at or phone us on 01270 666444 with your requirements and we will see what we can do for you .
  • We decided to do a category which includes our full range of Test tubes but NON on these have stoppers . This is due to numerous requests from our customers which just goes to prove that we do listen to your requests. seemed a lot easier to create this extra category instead of adding yet more options and variations to our whole range. We hope you agree .
  • Trays or Racks

  • A range of conical cork stoppers which will fit most of our tubes. We import natural cork stoppers from Portugal where some of the worlds best cork farmers practice their trade. Ensuring our customers are supplied with a quality product by people who have been farming cork for generations.
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Viewing 1 — 41 of 41 items | Page 1 of 1