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Chocolate Wedding favour test tubes

A popular tradition these days is to give the wedding guests a momento of the special day , Personalised M&M's seem to be the current favourite . Along with alcoholic shots in test tubes.
 The tubes we have for M&Ms you will find 
 Which is why we now stock a range of Food safe containers and tubes which will hold M&M's and numerous other sweets, candy and confectionery. Not forgetting the Test tube Shots which are always received well . 

I can vouch for this fact personally as my son Daniel recently married a lovely Swedish lady 'Katarina' in Sweden and I was instructed by Katarina ("she's really bossy ") to organise some test tube favours "OR ELSE !  
 " So when its put like that how can you refuse ? "
( " hahahaha " " she'll kill me when she reads this " ) 

Can i just state that the following version of events in no way relates to the truth of what actually happened but Katarina can't access this website to change anything . So " nur nur na nur nur " . I can embelish the story to my hearts content ...  : - D ... ( ' which of course I have ' )

" So where was I " ?
Ahh ! " Test tubes shots as wedding favours ! " " Can i also state that Katrina demanded these shots with about a week to go before the wedding and they need to be delivered to Sweden may I add . " How do you say " NO CHANCE " to your future daughter in law ? So before i realise what i've done I have promised her the world and promised the world will be delivered YESTERDAY ! .
 If you'd like to read, what happened next click here .

  • This tube is idea for storing and displaying virtually everything but we don't recommend it for shot drinks or the storing of fluids - liquids WHY ? Because the base is glued in place and if the glue fails then there is going to be some clearing up to do . So we suggest you keep to dry-goods as a filler for these tubes . Sweets of any description , M&M's , Chocolate buttons , you name it . The diameter is constant all the way down the 175 mm length of the tube and the opening is 22.80 mm in diameter .They have a flat base and are free standing - They are supplied with a selection of plastic stoppers in various colors , or if you prefer you can have Corks to fit this tube . Take your pick from the drop down menu above . There is a bonus with this particular tube . You can cut it to length with a pair of scissors . So if its too long at 175 mm , which equates to 7 inches for us more mature users, just cut some off . Here's a tip for you . Don't throw your off cuts away . Buy some extra stoppers , put a stopper in either end of your off cut and you have another display tube .
  • When it comes to Test tube shot drinks ' NO ONE' has more experience then US . Half of our staff either managed or worked in busy bars or nightclubs for years . If you listen to this advice you won't go far wrong . There are only a few Test tubes which will do the job properly for a number of reasons . The first being the size or volume . A shot drink in a bar or club is governed by the weights and measures act . The act states that certain products must be sold in certain minimum measures The minimum measure for a shot of Vodka, Gin , Rum or Whisky is 25 ml OR 35 ml and multiples thereof . You cannot mix the 2 measurements because you feel a bit more or less generous today . Its either 25 ml OR 35 ml . FULL STOP ! The tubes which are the nearest to the required 25 ml pub measurement are OUR 143 x 18 mm tube . And there is only place to find them . RIGHT HERE ! People buy with their eyes , Its a fact . So in your opinion which container holds the most liquid in our main picture ? The Glass OR The Tube ?
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