150 x 17 mm PS test tubes
150 x 17 mm PS test tubes
150 x 17 mm PS test tubes
150 x 17 mm PS test tubes
150 x 17 mm PS test tubes

150 x 17 mm PS test tubes

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 Clear Plastic Test tubes
Supplied with choice of stoppers 

150 mm Tall
17 mm outer diameter at the rim .
14.5 inner diameter at the rim 
Slightly conical in shape 
15.5 mm outer diameter at the base 
Holds 20 ml volume to the rim .
18 ml volume with a stopper fitted 

The Plastic stoppers offered with this tube are Polyethelene Plastic 
They are high grip and flush fitting to the walls of this tube .
Allowing smooth and seamless application of labels. If required . 

Styro foam is very light and can damage if mistreated . However it is very strong and versatile . You will probably have seen Styrofoam in the form of protective packaging on things like TV's and Stereo systems . Or perhaps a disposable Coffee cup 
Dimensions of tray 207 x 207 x 52 mm 


These Tubes are excellent quality, thick walled Polystyrene plastic,
Rimless, Round base , Non graduated , Food grade and crystal clear .
Hand washable , Reusable,  Free of B.P.A. Professional medical grade 

It would be easier to mention the uses this tube has NOT been put to . 
Than it is to list them all .The list of products it has stored or displayed is amazing . 
Read a few of the applications this tube has been used for below . 

Ants ,Bees, Spiders, worms and Fishing flies ... 
Wedding favours, Shot drinks, Sand Art , Cigar tubes,
Drill bit storage . Seeds for virtually anything 
Electric saw blade storage . Movie props in 'Miss Congeniatilty '
Poison dart storage , Artists fine brushes and pencils 
Soaps ,Bath salts and Glitter. Beads and studs 
Training aids, Supplements , Decorations for cakes . 
Numerous fluids and Foodstuffs
These are just a few of the uses which i can recall . There are many more i could list given the time and space

The intended use for this tube is for professional medical purposes . It is also 'great' for every use listed above Who are we to judge anyone with a sense of adventure and an imagination . Well done to you all . And thank you 


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