The truth of this story is Katarina didn't demand anything . I made that up ! However Daniel did ask if it was possible for us to make some some ' Test Tube Shots ' as wedding favours and of course I said we would be delighted . And we were . But the best laid plans have a habit of going dreadfully wrong . Which they did on this occasion , but not until the couriers got their hands on the finished products .

This is when things took a turn for the worst . So read on and you will hopefully avoid making the same mistakes I did .

The wedding was to take place in Sweden as I have stated and it was on June 11th 2016 the venue was a lovely Swedish resort which consists of about 6 huge log cabins with approx 6 bedrooms to each cabin and there was a Marquee erected within the grounds where the meal and reception were to take place . There were about 110 guests if my memory is correct . The ceremony itself was to take place outdoors just outseide the Marquee which was a great idea as it was the height of summer in Sweden 

Being my sons wedding and not wanting to appear stingy I thought 4 to 500 shots would be in order . ( this is far too many may I add but as I say, it was my sons wedding ) So myself and a couple of staff premixed enough ingredients in four flavours to fill 500 shots and i left a member of staff to pack everything up to be posted to Sweden . Including Tubes , a variety of tops , Labels and trays to hold the finished shots . By my estimations the ingredients and tubes would arrive just before we did and would be at Daniel and Katrina's apartment waiting for us 

I was due to arrive in Sweden on the 8th of June along with a some of Daniel's family members so my plan was to fill the tubes in Sweden with a little help from the family , label them and discuss the finer details with Katarina before the big day . The idea was to distribute the shots between courses of the meal and they were to be used to toast the various speeches which are a custom at every wedding , regardless of the country . 

As far as I was concerned everything was in hand and running like clockwork ." What could possibly go wrong " ???????   " Well allow me to tell you what can go wrong "

Firstly you can receive an email from the courier informing you that your parcel is in bits at Manchester airport and it won't be goiung anywhere because the parcel is leaking liquid and for health and safety reasons it is their intention to dispose of the parcel ASAP .