We are going to share some trade secrets with you regarding wedding favoursWedding Favors - Test tubes for sweets

Some are our own views , Others are obvious with a bit of thought , either way we hope these tips help you in some way .

When choosing your tube get a ruler out because you DO NOT want to appear 'stingy ' or tight fisted to your guests and i promise you that if you use anything smaller than Our 143 x 18mm tubes  Or the 150 x 16 mm tubes  at your wedding reception YOU WILL appear to be exactly that .
Feel free to use tubes which hold more but anything less IS being ' mean ', A normal shot drink in a pub or club is 25 ml in volume and served in a Shot glass about 2 inches high.
A tube nearly 6 inches high looks like it holds much more, BUT it dosen't .
If you want to be a little more upmarket add corks to the tubes instead of the plastic stoppers

The next thing to consider is the fact that virtually all these tubes have a round bottom and won't stand up on their own . It will take you ages to fill them one at a time, then put the top on , lie it down .
For the sake of a few extra pounds get yourself a tray to hold the tubes

The tray will also make the storage and transport of the tubes much easier .To fill the tubes we have come up with an ingenius method which is cheap, clean and quick . With a few minutes practice you could fill a tray of 100 in under 3 minutes.  See attached video  https://youtu.be/JVir9OrNDlU 

All that remains is for you to apply your chosen stoppers and store in a fridge until you are ready to serve them . A word of warning . Make sure you de-gas fizzy- carbonated drinks otherwise the carbon dioxide given off will blow the tops off . ! The easiest and quickest way to de'gas a drink is to heat it slowly until just about to boil . Leave to cool before adding to the tubes . We hope this info has been of some use to you . Cheers Plastic test tubes ltd . 

OH ! wait a minute ... Nearly forgot something . For those of you wanting to label your tubes. Here is the template you will need . http://www.avery.co.uk/avery/en_gb/Templates-%26-Software/Templates/Blank-Templates/Labels/Return-Address-Labels/Return-Address-Labels-10-per-page-_-PORTRAIT_Microsoft-Word.htm?N=4294967194&refchannel=a5919036e15dc110VgnVCM1000002118140aRCRD