Impact Wrench set by Kraft Muller

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Impact Wrench set by Kraft Muller
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This is a New product even for Kraft Muller as you will see on their website ( below )
Let me explain what you get .
The impact wrench itself which comes with 2 x 4000mAh Lithium Batteries 
Only a 1 hour charge required .
It may not sound great to you ladies but an hour charging is very good compared to normal .
Its cordless as you may have gathered .
And this tool could be invaluable to you and the kids if you get a flat tyre anywhere , because this will undo those really tricky wheel nuts ( amongst other things ) and it will do it very quickly .
You actually get 4 sockets with the wrench ( the things that fit over the nuts ) I'm not sure what sizes I think they are listed below .
I'm trying to explain this tool as simply as i can without being patronising.
The reason being  
 I witnessed 2 Couples this week in the same store arguing over "tools"
One 'tool' was a 'small egg frying pan ' ... " You NEVER cook eggs " .." I will do if I have this pan " , said the lady , quick as a flash 
The other i couldn't see but " I could really do with one of these love "... "Put it down before you break something " . said the young lady by his side 
So i'm just trying to explain to the ladies why they could use one of these . And why your bloke wants one . I'm not trying to be sexist I promise .I'm just trying to tell you how everyone will benefit from having this tool around
This wrench will save us blokes loads of effort although it may not be something you see every day , but when you do need it and it works it will be worth every penny . It will prove even more invaluable if your wife or girlfriend has a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere
The technical stuff 
Maximum speed: 2800 rpm
Maximum impact rate: 3500 rpm

Compact, lightweight and with a soft grip for added comfort, this electric debounter will allow you to easily assemble and disassemble your wheels.

Box details:
4 outlets included: 17mm, 19mm, 21mm and 23mm ( these are the socketsi mentioned earlier )

2 lithium batteries 24V 4AH
Battery charger


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