Plastic test tubes

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We are a wholesale supplier of plastic test tubes, stoppers, trays and Corks based in Crewe, Cheshire in the United kingdom 


 As a quick tip to buying on the site . The price per item will decrease the more you buy ,so please ignore the price you may see displayed . 'Click on the item itself and you should find a quantity option'
The higher the number you select , the lower the price . Don't be worried about clicking on ANY tabs, feel free to experiment with the site . You can't buy anything until you
'Add it to the cart '  and even then you do not have to complete the sale if you do not want to .   

You will find a wide variety of test tubes and other containers made from various plastics . SOME of these plastics are very difficult to pronounce and take ages to type . So they have abbreviations to save time .  
Below is a list of the abbreviated names for various plastics . 
If you click on the underlined names, all will be revealed . It won't tell you how to pronounce the name but it will explain its properties and uses, etc .  

'ABS' - 
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene     TPX - Polymethylpentene
 PS -   Polystyrene          
 PP -    
 PE -    Polyethylene

 PET OR PETE -  Polyethylene terephthalate 
Polyethylene (High Density)
 Our test tubes are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. Which ensures the quality management of disposable and reusable plastic products for clinical chemistry, haematology , microbiology , serology laboratories and analysis laboratories. In short ,our test tubes and laboratory containers  are manufactured for 'Professional' use . Which does not mean that only scientists and Laboratories can purchase them . Although we do supply many 'Professionals. 

 Plastic test tube can also be used for 1000's of other uses, Test tube drinks, Sand art , craft storage, They make excellent display cases for 100's of foodstuffs and are widely used for wedding favors, and that is the 'tip of the iceberg' .
This is where we excel . We are head and shoulders above our competition when it comes to alternative uses for laboratory tubes . 
The uses that test tubes can be adapted  for is restricted only by your imagination . 
" For instance " " A lot of our tubes have a round base and therefore won't stand up without the aid of a tray or rack " 
" However !"  ....
" If you turn them upside down, virtually every tube we have will stand on its own and has a dome shaped top "