Shooter Belts , Bandoleers and Bottle Holders

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Shooter belts manufactured in the uk 

A range of Shooter belts and Bandoleers with or without bottle holders. All designed by our leader Steve Cross . The shooter belts are  manufactured by ourselves in the United kingdom and are designed for professional use in bars and clubs. They are a great 'add on' to any fancy dress outfit . They are also unisex and fit virtually any waist or chest size . The belts and bandoleers are easily adjusted to fit almost anybody , regardless of size or shape

Steve has 17 years experience in the licensed trade managing pubs and clubs in the Manchester and Crewe areas . He has designed the belts so that every holder is compatible with any belt and can easily be interchanged . But only when the belt is not being worn . While the belt is on the wearer the holders cannot be removed ( for security reasons ) . The loops on the belts will hold any conventional 25 or 50 ml shot glass be they plastic or glass . We can also manufacture bespoke belts and holders should you have any special requirements . Steve has designed 2 types of bottle holder to compliment our belts .
A standard holder  which will hold any conventional circular shaped 1litre bottle up to a circumference of 29 cms ( the same size as a sourz bottle ) OR 
The square holder is designed with the oblong shaped Jager bottle in mind although it will hold any square or oblong shaped bottle with similar dimensions to the Jager bottle . Click on any picture to see the product and read more about our range of Shooter belts . Our belts are used all over the world to sell and promote shot drinks