Small plastic Storage containers -bottles

Plastic storage containers with lids

A selection of high quality plastic containers supplied with various caps and closures .

Available in a wide range of sizes and materials 
All containers in this category are * BPA free *
If there is a size you want but cannot see, please ask . We may not have got round to listing the item yet Or we could order it for you .

If we do not have your particular size in stock we will do our best to obtain it for you.
The same applies to a material type . If you don't ask you may never get it ?
If you are not sure which type of plastic is best suited to your purposes, please allow our
temperature and chemical resistance guides to help you .
I really shouldn't say this but If i'm not entitled to an opinion as the  editor of the site then there is something wrong . With regard to BPA , don't worry yourselves to death about it , eggs were killing us 20 years ago , then Red meat and tomorrow it will be something else , So please don't worry unduly if you have been raised drinking from Polycarbonate baby bottles ( as I probably have ? ) or drinking from Polycarbonate cups
( as I have ! ) I'm still here to tell the story. So relax , the powers that be will find something else to worry ourselves with soon . Of that you can be sure . And if you haven't got a clue what BPA is ...  Just ignore the link below . just remain in peaceful bliss . Who wants to end up like Howard Hughes anyway  ? Certainly not me .       

              * BPA Free*